Hand and skin antiseptic with 2-Propanol 70% (v/v)

  • 30 sec. for hygienic hand disinfection (EN 1500), 3 min. for surgical hand disinfection (EN 12791)
  • prevents the transmission of pathogens
  • bactericidal (incl. MRSA, VRE, A. baumanii), fungicidal and limited virucidal (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV, Vaccinia-, Rota- and Corona viruses)
  • dermatologically tested and rated as ‚very good‘
  • suitable for frequent use
  • DGHM/VAH listed

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Actoderm® is a disinfectant for hygienic hand disinfection. It has been developed for frequent use and does not cause allergic reactions. Dermatologically tested. Contains no chlorhexidine or other materials which can react with aldeyhdes, phenols, hydrogen peroxide or detergents.

100 g of solution contains: 62.8 g 2-Propanol (70% v/v) and auxiliary substances (butyldiglykol, lanolin).

Actoderm® has bactericidal (incl. tuberculosis, MRSA, VRE, A. baumannii) fungicidal and
virucidal (incl. HBV / HIV / HCV, Vaccinia, Rota, Corona viruses) effects.

Efficacy/ Exposure time
Exposure time
bactericidal (incl. MRSA, VRE, A. baumanii, tuberculosis)
100 %
30 sec.
limited virucidal (Rota– and Corona viruses)
100 %
30 sec.
Vaccinia virus
80 %
15 sec.
fungicidal (C. albicans)
100 %
15 sec.

Take off jewelry before use. Fingernails should not be too long.

Hygienic hand disinfection: Take a sufficient amount of  Actoderm® (ca. 4 ml) into the palm and rub hands carefully for at least 30 sec. according to EN 1500. Keep hands moist during the whole process, if necessary take more disinfectant.

Surgical hand disinfection: Take a sufficient amount Actoderm® (ca. 4 ml) into the palm and rub hands, including elbows and wrists for at least 3 min. according to EN 12791. Dry hands with a sterile cloth.

Not suitable for disinfection of open wounds and mucous membranes. Occasionally, redness and light burning may occur. In such cases, it is recommended to intensify general skin care. Allergic reactions to one of the ingredients are rare. Please check before use.

Actoderm® is suitable for hygienic and surgical hand and skin disinfection before operations, excicions, injections and punctures. To be used before putting on and taking off gloves and before and after contact with patients to avoid contamination. It is NOT suitable for the disinfection of open wounds and mucous membranes. Allergic reactions to any of the ingredients are rare, but should be checked before use.

Unit Packaging unit
Article no.:
50 ml 200 06.2501.50
100 ml 100 06.2501.100
250 ml 40 06.2501.250
500 ml 20 06.2501.500
1 L 10 06.2501.1
5 L 4  06.2501.5

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