Acto® Mouthwash

Mouth wash ingredient

  • Removal of oral odor
  • New and fresh breath

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ACTO® Mouth wash ingredient cleans areas where the toothbrush cannot reach and support the hygiene of teeth and gum. It refreshes the breath after use. It provides dental and gum care with the moisturizing agents and xylitol in its content.

It is alcohol-free.

Instructions for use:
Used twice a day after tooth brushing, firstly rinse the mouth thoroughly with water to remove the toothpaste. Then rinse the mouth with 10 – 15 ml of ACTO® mouth wash ingredient about 30 seconds, and spit them after.

Never swallow the product.

Unit Unit per Package Article-Nr
5 ml 10 08.4939.5
500 ml 100 08.4939.500

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